10/3/2022 Lecture:  Jamie Narushchen

When: Monday, October 3rd, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Topic: Ballet Accompaniment as a career 

Lecturer:  Jamie Narushchen

Description: An overview of the roles a pianist has at a ballet company and its school. This talk covers the skill sets required to be a successful ballet accompanist. A dancer will be part of the lecture and demonstration.

Bio - Jamie Narushchen joined San Francisco Ballet School as an accompanist in 1987, and in 2013, was named a Lee R. Crews Endowed Pianist for San Francisco Ballet, a position he holds in addition to his current work for the School. As both the pianist supervisor and music teacher for SF Ballet School, Narushchen accompanies class and rehearsals, teaches music classes, and organizes the schedules of full and part-time pianists for about 130 classes weekly that require live accompaniment. more

Jamie Narushchen.jpg

* The event will be held at one of our branch member's houses.  Please register as the spaces are limited (30 max)!   The address will be sent to those who've registered. Refreshments are provided afterwards. 

    10/15/2022 Branch Recital

Event Time: 4:00 pm Saturday, Oct 15th, 2022
Event Address: 4444 Black Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

- Maximum three students per studio. Maximum ten minutes combined per studio.
- One student per registration form. Registration due by Sept 20th, 2022.
- Registration Fee is $20/student due by Sept 20th, 2022. Non-refundable.  * Important:  right after you submit the google form, the payment link, and the passcode will be sent to you automatically.  Please click that payment link to make the payment.  
- This application is on a first-come-first serve basis.

    Young Artist Guild Recital: Spencer Cha

Date: September 3 (Free Event)

Time: 7:00 PM

Performer:  Spencer Cha


First Presbyterian Church

2020 5th Street

Livermore, CA 94550

Spencer Cha, 17, is a pianist and composer from Los Altos, CA.   

    6/6/22 Alameda County East Luncheon Social

When: 6/6/2022, Monday 11:30am - 2:00pm

    5/21/2022 Branch Recital

Date: May 21, 2022 (Saturday)

Event Address: Lynnewood United Methodist Church, Pleasanton
Click here for the program.

5_21_22 Branch Recital

Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!

The 6th Alameda East Piano Competition 

The winners videos are on our branch's YouTube Channel.  

******    Winners   *******

Division A : 

  1. A-2 Claire Lin

  2. A-4 Grant Hilker
    A-11 Isabella Feng

  3. A-8 Sophia Tian
    A-9 Xuanyu Chen
    A-14 Wilson Weichen Tian

Division B : 

  1. B-22 Michael Hancong Liu

  2. B-7 Elijah Guan,
    B-17 Irene Pan Fu 

  3. B-4 Cara Wan Kong,
    B-11 Tiffany Hsu
    B-13 Zihan Zhou

  4. B-1 Kentaro Schirmer
    B-8 Jialin Joshua Peng,
    B-20 Matthew Fang,
    B-25 Yuanzhi Guo

Division C : 

  1. C-1 Ariel Yihan Yu

  2. C-3 William Yiman Li
    C-9 Taiyo Lee

  3. C-5 Alexandra Macri
    C-10 Kimson Li
    C-11 Ruoshui Hu

Division D : 

  1. D-8 Michael Li

  2. D-9 Steve Chung

  3. D-1 Eric Ruei Kuo
    D-3 Sasha Gorrepati

Division A
Division A

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Division A
Division A

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Judge Dr. Natuki Fusawa
Judge Dr. Natuki Fusawa

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Division A
Division A

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    3/19/2022 Branch Recital (Virtual)

Date: Mar.19th, 2022

Time:  4:00 pm

    February 7th Guest Lecture by Barbie Wong "Engaging Parents for Students' Success" (Virtual)

Date: Feb. 7, 2022

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Topic Description: When we help parents learn why it's important and how to best support our student's music-making, they will practice more consistently and effectively at home, become more joyful at their lessons, and develop into adults with a deep love for music.

Short bio on our guest speaker Barbie Wong



October 18, 2021 Branch Recital (Virtual)

October 16, 2021 Branch Recital (Virtual)

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The Blankenship Memorial Project

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