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Alameda County East Piano Competition

The purpose of our branch competition is to provide an opportunity for students who have few or no competition experience in a warm and inclusive atmosphere. We hope that you will encourage your students to enter the competition. Not only this is a valuable experience for the students, but the contestants will receive written, helpful comments from each highly qualified jury before CM.

    MTAC Alameda East 2024 Piano Competition

Our branch started this competition as a way to encourage our branch's students who would normally not participate in competitions to experience what it is like to be performing in a high-stress, formal performance opportunity and judged by highly qualified judges. Since the pandemic, we have included video recordings to go with the judge's comments which we believe elevated the experience for students, teachers, and parents alike. 

  • Registration will be open for signups from 12/1 (Friday) to 12/18 (Monday)

  • Competition Date: 2/10/2024 (Saturday)

  • Location: First Presbyterian Church, Livermore (Same as previous years)

  • Registration Fee per student: $70

  • Reminder: Only teachers may sign up, 5 students per teacher limit. 

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