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Alameda County East Piano Competition

The purpose of our branch competition is to provide an opportunity for students who have few or no competition experience in a warm and inclusive atmosphere. We hope that you will encourage your students to enter the competition. Not only this is a valuable experience for the students, but the contestants will receive written, helpful comments from each highly qualified jury before CM.

    02/11/2023 7th Alameda East Piano Competition

Our 7th Alameda East Piano competition was held on Saturday, 02/11/2023 at the First Presbyterian Church of Livermore. Thank you to all the participants, and warm congratulations to all the award recipients.

* Link to YouTube video of the performance 


The awards recipients.

- Division A - 

1st - Vanessa Lo

2nd - Jefferson Wong

3rd - Zoe Cheuk-Ling Cheng + Matthew Bai


- Division B -  

1st - Jayson Hanjie Liu

2nd - Zihan Zhou + Aidan Im 

3rd - Ivy Virginia Xu + Cara Wan Kong + Mai Casebeer

4th - Isabella Ling + Angela Xu + Tiffany Hsu


- Division C -

1st - Nathan Xu

2nd - Michael Hancong Liu + Matthew Fang

3rd - Irene Pan Fu + William Yiman Li

4th - Josie Cheuk + Miharu Fukuyama


- Division D -  

1st - Katie Chung

2nd - Ruoshui Hu


MTAC Alameda East Piano Competition Committee.  

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