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Alameda County East Piano Competition

The purpose of our branch competition is to provide an opportunity for students who have few or no competition experience in a warm and inclusive atmosphere. We hope that you will encourage your students to enter the competition. Not only this is a valuable experience for the students, but the contestants will receive written, helpful comments from each highly qualified jury before CM.

    MTAC Alameda East 2024 Piano Competition

Congratulations to all the talented individuals who excelled in the 2024 Alameda East Piano Competition. Below, you'll find the list of this year's prize recipients.

Winners video link:

2024 Competition flyer

*In a remarkable turn of events, the outstanding performances by Division A students impressed our judges so much that the judges desired to grant two additional students 'honorable' mentions, thereby elevating the number of winners in Division A beyond our expectations.

The prize winners


The 2024 Alameda East Piano Competition.


Division A

1st - Claire Lin

2nd - Maika Arakawa

3rd - Reina Casebeer and Xuanyu Chen

*Honorable Mentions - Aidan Chiu and Melody Ho


Division B

1st - Chloe Su

2nd - Chiyo Buckley and Cara Wan Kong

3rd - Ella Chow , William Chiu and Kentaro Schirmer

4th - Ivy Chui, Jack Bonner, Lewis Shen Hu and Mai Casebeer


Division C

1st - Irene Fu

2nd - Elijah Guan and Matthew Fang

3rd - Tiffany Hsu and Sophia Wang


Division D

1st - Joyce Xu

2nd - Nathan Xu

3rd - William Li

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