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Alameda County East Piano Competition

The purpose of our branch competition is to provide an opportunity for students who have few or no competition experience in a warm and inclusive atmosphere. We hope that you will encourage your students to enter the competition. Not only this is a valuable experience for the students, but the contestants will receive written, helpful comments from each highly qualified jury before CM.

    02/11/2023 7th Alameda East Piano Competition

Our 7th Alameda East Piano competition will take place on Saturday, 02/11/2023 at the First Presbyterian Church of Livermore (Same place as last year).


There will be four Divisions: 

Division A (8ー10) 1:00 pm

Division B ( 11-13) 2:00 pm

Division C ( 14-15) 3:40 pm

Division D ( 16-18) 5:00 pm

The competition is for students of our Alameda East branch only! The deadline is 12/18/2022. No late forms will be accepted.  


All the performances will be recorded by the Committee. The videos will be shared with the students and teachers privately. (You can use the video for the upcoming CM online evaluation as well.)



* Only teachers can sign up.

* 8 minutes is the maximum length of the piece allowed.

* 5 students is the maximum number of students that one teacher may sign up.

* Application fee: $60/student


We are limiting the number of signups for some of the divisions to ensure we do not exceed the time limit. Please plan ahead and sign up early!


If you have questions, please check our website or email the Committee at


MTAC Alameda East Piano Competition Committee.  

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