5/24/2021 Honor students celebration (Online)
5/15/2021 Branch Recital (Online)
The MTAC VOCE Alameda County East
2021 Competition
March 6, 2021 Branch recital
1/16/2021 Online Lecture/Master class
 Teaching and Performing in COVID Times

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12/5/2020  Branch Recital (Virtual)
10/24/2020  Branch Recital (Virtual)
10/19/2020 Online Lecture by Dr. Betty Woo
"Beethoven--Beyond Heroics and Titanic Struggles"

When : 10/19 (Monday) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Workshop with

Jason Lyle Black

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Alameda East 

Piano Competition


Division A
Division A

Division B
Division B

Division D
Division D

Division A
Division A

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Branch Recital

1/25/20  Branch Recital @Lynnewood Churc

January 13, 2020     


David Abdalian 

1/13/20 David Abdalian
1/13/20 David Abdalian

1/13/20 David Abdalian
1/13/20 David Abdalian

1/13/20 David Abdalian
1/13/20 David Abdalian

1/13/20 David Abdalian
1/13/20 David Abdalian


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Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

This is one of the scanning app which allows you to take a picture with your phone/tablet and instantly transform the sheet music/document into PDF or JPEG file.... more

Drop box

Drop box is an online cloud storage that is great for sharing anywhere and any time with anyone with .... (more)

Teaching in the time of Covid-19

15 Tips For ONLINE Piano Lessons (filmed during COVID-19 quarantining)

Do Skype Piano Lessons ACTUALLY Work?? Josh Wright Piano TV

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