2020-2021 Certificate of Merit program will be held virtually.

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 Congratulations to all the students who made the CM Senior Award and Branch Honors list for CM 2020!

Thank you to all the CM teachers who have worked hard to guide our students through the many unexpected challenges caused by the pandemic this year.  Although we won't be able to get together for a Branch Honors Recital as we did before, we like to recognize the hard work and achievement earned by these students and encourage all to keep sharing music in as many ways as possible. Congratulations to you all!  

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10/24/2020  Branch Recital (Virtual)

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10/19/2020 Online Lecture by Dr. Betty Woo
"Beethoven--Beyond Heroics and Titanic Struggles"

When : 10/19 (Monday) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where:  Zoom Meeting (Zoom invitation will be emailed prior to the lecture)

Title: Beethoven, beyond Heroics and Titanic struggles

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*High level and older students are also welcome. 

Resources for Online Teaching

Are you teaching online?  Here are the list of resources that was shared by our members. If you have a resource to share, please click here and fill out a form.

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner


This is one of the scanning app which allows you to take a picture with your phone/tablet and instantly transform the sheet music/document into PDF or JPEG file.... more

Drop box


Drop box is an online cloud storage that is great for sharing anywhere and any time with anyone with .... (more)

Teaching in the time of Covid-19


15 Tips For ONLINE Piano Lessons (filmed during COVID-19 quarantining)


Do Skype Piano Lessons ACTUALLY Work?? Josh Wright Piano TV



Workshop with

Jason Lyle Black

Alameda East 

Piano Competition


Piano contest2020.png


Branch Recital

January 13, 2020     


David Abdalian 

Community Service Recital

Branch Recital

Lecture and Fall social

Guest Speaker Lecture

by Frank Wiens

Recital- Catherine Huang.png

YAG Concert

MTAC  Convention

June 2, 2019

Teen Recital

Sharing meeting

Scheduled Events for '20-'21

 Student recitals:

 Oct. 24, Dec. 5, Jan. 23, May 1


Certificate of Merit

  • Virtual CM Teacher Training Opens - September 15

  • CM Application Period Opens - October 1

  • CM Application Period Closes - October 31

  • CM Application Fee Deadline - November 5

  • Last Day to Add repertoire - January 15

  • Student Evaluations Begin - February 13

  • Student Evaluations End - March 28


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Lectures (Zoom)

10/19/20 10:00-12:00pm

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